Everything (professional) I'm working on right now! (Thanks to Derek Sivers for sharing this idea.) Sometimes I keep this updated. Check the sell-by date.

Last update: 6/9/2019


  • Summer 2019 - Performing 30 summer library shows in Oklahoma and Kansas.

  • Querying a middle grade fantasy novel called Inklings of Aethermore which I wrote with my daughter, Evalyn.

  • Finishing first draft of another novel; this one is a STEM adventure.

  • Working on getting back into posting new music through Patreon.

  • Will teach college algebra at OSU again in the Fall 2019 Semester.


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Recent Accomplishments




June-July - 34 summer reading shows scheduled at libraries in OK and KS.

Jan-May - Taught two sections of college algebra at NOC. Contemplated my place in the universe. Came to no meaningful conclusions.

Jan-May - Completed third draft of parts I and II (out of 3) of our novel, shortening the length by 40%. 



Aug-Dec - Taught three sections of college algebra at OSU and three sections at NOC. That's time and a half!

Oct-Dec - Completed a beta read of draft two of our novel. Collected much feedback!

June-July - 33 summer reading shows at libraries in OK, KS, AR, CO

April 9 - Completed first draft of 115,000 word novel with daughter Evalyn, presented a hard copy to her as a birthday present! 

March 24 - Presented to Richmond Elementary PTO on how to use Oklahoma Arts Council Funding to bring more arts experiences to students.

March 14 - Performed "Singalong Slumber Party" for Belle Isle library in OKC.

March 10 - My students helped scientists present their research to the public by performing their original songs on Monarchs and Milkweed at the Stillwater Public Library as part of an OSU Science Cafe event

Feb 20 - Taught two songwriting workshops at GLO in Norman, OK. Evalyn taught two workshops on writing fan fiction.

Feb 2 - Completed recording "Countercurrent Flow" and the "Nernst Equation" song for STEM song maven Greg Crowther.



Dec 15 - Completed a theme song for the Aaron's World podcast.

Dec 17 - Evalyn and I won our local NaNoWriMo chapter writing contest.

Dec 04 - Completed three songs about statistics for a project called SMILES for UT at El Paso.

Nov 30 - Completed NaNoWriMo with Evalyn!

Nov 23 - My song "Somebody's Hero" won honorable mention in the USA Songwriting Competition.

Nov 17 - Somebody's Hero at Cushing Elementary - see the slideshow.

Nov 1 - Added a "Now" page to my website. You're looking at it!

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