PK - 5th School Programs

Monty Harper began performing and teaching in elementary schools in 1992. He is an enthusiastic promoter of books and reading, science, and creativity. He holds his audiences' attention with participatory songs, and is equally at home in a classroom or a gym full of PK-5th grade students.



Say It In a Song

Monty helps students write an original song, then performs it with them during an all-school greatest hits concert! (Note that Oklahoma Arts Council funding is not currently available, but the program is still available for booking.)


Say It In a Song Details (.pdf)



Sing-Along Slumber Party

Monty in PJsInvite your kids to wear their PJs, bring a blanket and a stuffed buddy and camp out with their family for a fun evening program. Perfect for literacy night! PK-5th and families. $300, travel added past 90 miles. More.



Songwriting Residency

Monty leads your 3rd, 4th, or 5th graders in an extended songwriting project. This may be organized during music class, regular classroom time, as an after school club, or in any combination. Songs are inspired by a theme from curriculum or from a community connection. Students record and perform their original songs. Oklahoma Arts Council Small Grant Support for Schools covers up to 90% of the cost! Cost to the school may be as little as $300 after grant reimbursement. 

Songwriting Residency Outline (.pdf)

Grant Application Overview (.pdf) 


Songs From Past Residencies (Link)