From the recording Imagine That

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Topologically speaking, circles are the same as squares.
Topologically speaking, people are the same as bears.
Your donut is the same as the coffee cup you dunk it in each day.
"Upside-down's the same as downside-up," a topologist might say.

Topologically speaking, a quarter is the same as a dime.
Topologists can count, but rarely finite amounts.
You can bet they haven't yet to tell a 6 from a 9.
A topologist can make a t-shirt with a piece of paper and a three-hole punch.
The topological secret is the homeomorphic scrunch!

Topological spaces are the places where topologists live.
They like to drive compact manifolds, for when they bump into each other they give.
You can visit your favorite topologist in a land called RP2,
and if the hand that you favor is right you just might become a new left-handed you!

Topologically speaking, peaches are the same as pears.
Topologically speaking, people are the same everywhere.
Topologically faces all look just like the one on you!
Topologically races all share one gender, shape and hue.

Topological spaces will expand your point of view.
'Cause topologically speaking, I'm just the same as you.
It's true -
I'm just the same as you.
We're homeomorphic!
I'm just the same as you!