From the recording Imagine That

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A farmer once had three sons
who left to find their fortunes.
Each one chose a path and waved goodbye.
The first son he found trouble.
The second his was double.
The third son now is happy; I’ll tell you why -
Because he loves to read a story.

The king proclaimed an offer
to marry off his daughter,
but the princes that he chose she turned away.
For above the king’s objection
she loved that farmer’s third son.
When the king forbade the wedding all she could say
was, “But Daddy he loves to read a story!”

A storybook takes you
on a magic carpet ride
to fanciful adventures all
in a faraway place and time.

A fire breathing dragon
was threatening the kingdom
and the king considered this a stroke of luck.
For he sent the farmer’s third son East
to battle with the brutal beast,
and the lad took nothing with him but a book
because he loves to read a story.

That farmer’s clever third son
soon found the dreadful dragon
whose angry threats had lead to such distress.
He turned that dragon from mad to meek
with the promise of a book a week
and the lad was finally wed to his princess
because he loves to read a story.

A storybook helps you
view the world through a hero’s eyes
so you can become the virtuous one
to tackle troubles as they arise!

The king and all his kingdom,
the fire breathing dragon,
the princess and the farmer’s son
all live happily ever after
because we love to read a story!

We love to read a story.
We love to read a story.
We love to read a story
when they all live happily ever after
in the end.