1. Loose Tooth
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I've got a loose tooth. I'm pretty sure for real
that it's a loose tooth. Put your finger here and feel it.
It's a loose tooth right here in the middle.
You can tell it's really loose; I'll let you wiggle it a little.

It's a loose tooth. I'm losing more and more.
I've got a loose tooth. This is number four.
I've got a loose tooth. I can't wait to surprise her
when I tell my teacher: I'm losing an incisor!

Did I show you my loose tooth?
Did you see what it can do?
I'll flip it back. Now look underneath.
See there's a new tooth there. It's just barely peeking through.
If it's not out quick, Mom'll pull the old
string and doorknob trick.
It'll make my grin look funny,
but the Tooth Fairy's gonna show me the money
for my loose tooth.

I've got a loose tooth. I use my tongue to study it.
A loose tooth! It tastes a little bloody.
It's a loose tooth. I can twist it clear around.
And when I push and pull it, I hear a squishy sound.

I've got a loose tooth. I freak out all my friends.
I've got a loose tooth. See me swing it like a pendulum.
A loose tooth click clacking in my head!
It could fall out any moment 'cause it's dangling by a thread.

I say hello to Mrs. Corey
in the cafeteria line.
She says, "How's that loose tooth doing?"
I say, "It's doing fine."
But the "F" in "Fine" makes my loose tooth pop right
out of my mouth like a shot.
It flies across the counter and it
lands in the chili pot!

Now it's a lost tooth. Don't let it cause concern.
It's just a lost tooth. If you find it please return it.
It's a lost tooth. I'm pretty sure it won't attack,
but I'm really really sorry if your chili bites you back!

Did I show you my loose tooth?
Well I lost it earlier today.
Sure there's a new tooth coming in now,
but there's a great big hole where the old one went away.
I really miss that loose tooth and all the
fun times we had.
I guess that you can tell by now
without that tooth I'm feeling really... I feel a little...
I'm feeling kind of...

Oh, wait a minute. Guess what!

Another loose tooth! I'm pretty sure for real.
Another loose tooth! Put your finger here and feel
another loose tooth. It'll really bowl her over
when I tell my teacher I'm gonna lose a molar!

It's a loose tooth, and I'm getting so excited.
It's a loose tooth, and it wiggles when I bite it.
It's a loose tooth, just dancing in my gum, singing
"Look out Tooth Fairy! Here I come!"

Another loose tooth!