From the recording Paws Claws Scales & Tales

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I know a girl, just nine years old.
She sailed back home from sea with a case full of gold,
And where she goes she knows her monkey will go.
See Mr. Nilsson tip his hat, "Hello!"

She spent a coin to buy a horse.
She always parks the horse on her porch of course,
And when she makes to take a spin into town,
She picks him up and lifts him down
I wish I could be like Pippi Longstocking!
She's always entertaining and rarely stops talking!
I love to sit and listen to her latest invention
On the Villa Villekulla parlor floor!

Pippi, tell about your father, the cannibal king.
Captain of the Hoptoad, he comes in the spring
And sails you to the island of Kurrekurredutt.
You breakfast there on breadfruit and milk of cocoanut.
At night the Kurrekurredutts dance around the fire.
I can close my eyes and see them hopping higher and higher.
Pippi, keep me in your trance and as the cannibals dance,
I'll do the Villa Villekulla Hula, too!

I know a girl, lives on her own,
But with her horse and monkey she's never alone,
Cause when she whistles a song those two sway along.
They do the Villa Villekulla Hula, too!

I wish I could be like Pippi Longstocking!
I'd stay up after midnight, stomping and rocking!
I'd never miss a chance to do a cannibal dance!
I'd do the Villa Villekulla Hula, too!

And if you want to groove the groove the Kurrekurredutts do,
You'll do the VillaVillekulla Hula too!